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What I want to learn

This page will be constantly evolving as I plan to use it as a reminder for the limited amount of time I've got on this planet. And the hundred different things I'd like to learn before I go.

If you're looking for company to learn any of these things, feel free to write me a message.

I want to learn how to —

  1. Write more clearly
  2. Speak more clearly
  3. Invest and manage money
  4. Speak better German
  5. Make comics and illustrations using Inkscape/Illustrator
  6. Visualize and analyze data
  7. Cook more Middle Eastern dishes
  8. Edit and make better videos using Premiere/DaVinci Resolve
  9. Write better emails
  10. Consume content intentionally
  11. Improve my running mileage
  12. Fast for longer periods (>24 hours)
  13. Jiu-jitsu
  14. Deadlift with better form
  15. Tell a story
  16. Draw comic strips

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"Sad to still feel so vulnerable. In 25 years I’ll be 57. 25 years then to create a body of work and to find what I’m looking for. After that, old age and death. I know what is most important for me. And I still find a way to give in to little temptations, wasting time of frivolous conversations or fruitless idling about. I’ve mastered two or three things in myself. But how far I am from the kind of superiority that I so badly need.”

— Albert Camus, American Journals

- 25 toasts